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St. Augusta is located in Central Minnesota - just south of St. Cloud. Our population is 3,551 and encompasses 30 square miles.

Latest Public Notices

Free Nitrate Testing for Private Wells

Thursday, September 9th
2:00 PM to 7:00 PM
St. Joseph Township Townhall
935 College Ave S, St. Joseph, MN

How to participate:

· Collect water sample from kitchen faucet on September 9th.
· Keep sample cool and deliver to St. Joseph Township Hall (not City Hall) between 2:00 and 7:00 PM on September 9th.
· Wait about 10 minutes for results.


· Discuss results with water expert.
· Bring photos of well and water treatment equipment if any.
· Cost share for additional water testing $90.00 value for $40.00.

Check out www.StearnsCountySWCD.net/nitrate for additional information or call 320-251-7800 X 3 

We buy water from the City of St. Cloud, and those on our municipal water system should follow their drought plan lead.

See Water Conservation Efforts.


Utility Billing Clerk/Administrative Assistant
The City of St. Augusta will be accepting applications for a part time (20-30 hours per week) utility billing clerk/administrative assistant.  The salary range for the position is $14.59 to $17.73 per hour.  Applications will be accepted at 1914 250th Street, St. Augusta, MN  56301 until the position is filled with preference to those applicants received before July 30, 2021.  For a city application and a complete position description, please contact city hall at the address listed above or by phone at (320) 654-0387.  St. Augusta is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Scout Fun Day


2020 Consumer Confidence Report



Midco-St Augusta-Proposed 2021 Construction

Clean and Heathy Water Tips

Please note that nothing other than standard toilet paper is to be flushed down the sewer.  Our pumps have been plugging up with rags, bedsheets and the supposed degradable flushable wipes. 


Fire permits can be obtained at city hall or by contacting the following fire wardens.

Tom Henkel                        253-1881
Gary Zwilling                      253-5989
Pat Voigt                              252-9340

Please note - new ordinance - Parking or Blocking of Sidewalk Restrictions - Adopted 10/2015.


Senior Living Help

Warrior 2 Citizen's Group Website

Contact Information

City Hall: 1914 250th Street, St. Augusta, MN  56301
Or, reach us by phone: (320) 654-0387
fax: (320) 654-1686
email: bmccabe@staugustamn.com

Monday to Friday from 8am to 4:30pm.  Appointments are recommended as staff can regularly be away at meetings or other commitments and the office will be locked up.